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3 Seconds in Bogotá

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The first question everyone asks me is always, "Is the story really true?"

As much as anyone's memory allows after 25 years, each event was true to what happened - though some separate incidents were merged into one occurrence.  
All names were changed and a couple of place names where the incidents mentioned could have caused issues. 
The major events are all accurate.
What interests me, is that in many cases what was seen as unproven conspiracy theories or gossip - like 'The Disappeared' being thrown out of planes by the military, which drew disbelief from some of my friends back in London at the time - are now documented as fact. 

If you're interested in delving a little deeper, here are some links that lead to some of the subjects raised within the book.

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Wayne Bobbit


Floods in Mina Clavero Argentina


Mother’s Plaza Mayor


Falklands war


Foz Igauzu  - the immense waterfalls that straddle three nations

Kurt Cobain

Jimi Hendrix


The shooting of Street Kids in Latin America

(WARNING. Graphic photos/footage)


Cuzco Peru


Goröme - Capadoccia Turkey

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