Thrillers, Mystery and suspense

Sketchy City
Man Running in the Mist

21> Clean & Clever Mystery and Suspense.

The best of the best. 

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Reading a Book

42 Cozy Amatuer Sleuths

The best of the best. 

Water Sprinkler
Summer Smoothies

28> 2nd Annual Summer Giveaway

The best of the best. 

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Deep Stare

84>Mystery & Suspense

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Car Lights

43 Thrillers!

43 books to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Boy in the Field

83>Jamboree Book Fair

The best of the best. 

Mysterious Girl

54>Summer mystery Sale

The best of the best. 

Sketchy City
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Tangled in the web

It's the Most Mystery and Fun You Can Not-So-Legally Have In Cleveland!

Grab Your Copy of Book #2 in the Quick Mystery Series

Friends at a Carnival

47>Carnival Book Fair

The best of the best. 

Open Books
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Cross genre, Fantasy & Young Adult

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Sporty Teens

25 Mystery & Adventure

25  YA/MG Action, Adventure, Suspense Giveaway

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woman and skateboard

38 I love Young Adult bks

38  awesome stories 

Illuminated Rock
Dragon Lady

69 Sunny Season Fantasy

69 stories for your imagination to feast on.

Purple Stars
Girl with Costume

13+ Great young reads

JULY 13th -19th only 

Mountain Landscape
Jungle Mountain View

41 Independence Day

Characters who break free from their past. 

Curvy Tree Road

39 Fantasy Shorts

35 Short fantastical reads. Fill up!

If you don't know the genre, try some shorts.

Abstract Waves
Street Teens

15 Queer and Outsider

15 stories for inside the head of outsiders.


Kids Adventures and children's books

Wooden Hut
Happy Childhood

53 Kid Adventures

53  adventure stories for kids. 

For small kids and big kids!


Tropical Leaves

44 July MG & YA specials

44 delightful books. Check them out for the younger members of your family..

Sandy Beach
Happy Children

Children's books

8 great books with many lessons within.