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Made in Acapulco

Meet Detective Emilia Cruz, the first female police detective in Acapulco, in 5 prequel stories. This is the intro the award-winning books that National Public Radio called "A thrilling series" and Kirkus Reviews praised as "Danger and betrayal never more than a few pages away." The Detective Emilia Cruz series won the Poison Cup for Outstanding Series from CrimeMasters of America and has been optioned for television. 

Hear the beat of the ocean, feel the heat of the sun, and calculate the odds of survival. She's the first female police detective in the city. If the cartels don't get her, another cop will. You'll also be subscribed to my Mystery Ahead newsletter. Every other Sunday you'll get book release announcements, an exclusive excerpt of what I'm writing now, and a review of a mystery I think you'll love. 

Autumn Road

The Unfound Ones

After leaving the Nashville PD and opening a private investigation agency, Amelia's life was supposed to be stress free until an investigation into a cheating spouse sends her reeling into a grotesque human trafficking ring. The more she uncovers the more she, and everyone she loves, becomes a target. The more she wonders whom she can really trust. Will she be able to find the identity of the ringleader before someone else gets killed?
Not even Amelia could predict the devastating end to her journey to save The Unfound Ones.


If you love Karin Slaughter and Lisa Jewell this is a must read.


The Twisted Case

Four bullets, one dead, four suspects. A struggling police officer, Jake Michael, is introduced to a new case by the FBI. The case is related to a random shootout taken place at a bridge; with four bullets being shot and one man dead, the police take in three people in custody. All of them with the same suitcases and the same pack of cocaine. With this new lead, the three victims turn into suspects. Diving deeper in the case Inspector Jake finds out this is more than just a random shoot out. It is a preplanned game by an anonymous to murder someone on the bridge. He needs to find the link between all three of the suspects, a link that placed them on the bridge that day when the shootout took place. Or, is there no link at all?

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Sleepless Shelby

Los Angeles Under Fire!

On the run and stripped of her police resources, Shelby Griffin searches for evidence to stop billionaire Jeff Collins with his plans to destroy Los Angeles.  With a collection of allies both old and new, Shelby must race against the clock to find evidence that will put an end to Collins’ nefarious plans – but she has no idea the scale of which he’s built his latest atrocity. She has to find him, and she has to stop him before it’s too late for thousands…

Will her allies – both old and new – help Shelby stop the nefarious plans to destroy Los Angeles?

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Cyber League Crimes

Contests with consequences.

Recently returned from a harrowing vacation, FBI Special Agent Megan Luchek tries to settle into her day job in sunny Hawaii. But practically before her feet hit Oahu, a crisis catapults her back to the mainland.

The Popularity Contest: Somebody kidnaps Megan’s sister to star in an online gambling contest.

The Hero Contest: When the Club seeks to run a contest for heroes only, Megan tops their list of candidates.

The Criminal Contest: Megan’s recent adventures have put her in the Club’s crosshairs again.

Autumn Road

Follow the money

‘Follow The Money: A Tale of Tales’ is a collection of immersive Crime Adventure Novellas that follow the lives of different banknotes on their journeys, as they pass from one doomed soul to the next, through London and New York respectively. Both of these banknotes undergo ...A TWIST OF FATE in the second installment of each story that sends them on a completely new journey into the unknown; so fasten your seat belts and brace yourself for the ride of your lives. YOUR JOURNEY AWAITS...


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Fire Performance

Magic in the Real World

92 YA books that are simply magic!

Wooden Hut

Kids Adventures and children's books

Happy Childhood

53 Kid Adventures

53  adventure stories for kids. 

For small kids and big kids!