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  • "...fun, heartwarming and sad. It is a book to be enjoyed and remembered."  ★★★★★ Reviewer

  • "...we jump into a world full of youthful adventure and mishap, of a young man looking to find himself and love. You'll go on a joyride with him through his ups and downs. A great book. A great read. A memorable story."  ★★★★★ Reviewer

  • "Superbly crafted, and I love the structure... Genius! I know it's a cliche to say "couldn't put it down", but it was true in this case, causing me to miss my bus stop (in Buenos Aires now as it so happens) because I was so hooked!"  ★★★★★ Reviewer

3 Seconds in Bogotá
Want to hear a true story?

Back in 1994, when I persuaded my girlfriend to head off for a six-month travel adventure around South America, I was dreaming of exploring ancient ruins and learning Spanish.

Although Escobar had just been shot dead and we knew things were dicey, I thought we’d be OK.

Don’t get me wrong.

We had an amazing trip.

Until we found ourselves in a taxi down a dark back alley with a knife being held to the throat of our driver.

The car was surrounded.

More figures were appearing from the shadows.

They were going to kill us.

It was as if time stood still.

I ransacked my memories for clues.

Something that might save us.

I had two choices.

Should I Listen to my logical mind?

Or, follow my gut intuition?

I had three seconds left to decide.

Mark Playne is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and Director. This dramatised true story from his extensive worldwide travels, is the first book in his biographical series World Wild Travel Tales. 

For fans of American Dirt, Marching Powder or Shantaram.

Imagine Bill Bryson caught up in David Baldacci thriller.

If you’d like a true story of survival against all the odds, then add 3 Seconds in Bogotá to your library now. 

If the suspense doesn’t kill you, the twist will.