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Comedy Sci-Fi 

"End of the world in 32 minutes!

All Aboard! All Aboard!"

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MoMo -The Adventures of Me,
my Duck and a man called Wolof.
MoMo dreams of flying, even when a tough life of poverty in rural Morocco threatens to ground him
Genre: Child Adventure, Coming-of-Age,
Kids' Fantasy. Family Drama.

Hollywood Blacklist review

"MoMo is a fun, affecting and compelling story that will engage an audience with its daring young protagonist. The Moroccan setting is rich and unique enough to be a draw itself."

Hollywood Blacklist review

"MoMo is a rich and engaging adventure drama starring a very compelling young lead. MoMo himself is the key to the story, as his fantastical dreams and upbeat attitude elevate him beyond the limitations of his settings. Growing up in near poverty, sometimes it seems like MoMo is carrying the weight of his entire family on his back… MoMo thinks big, rides fast, and looks to higher things. There are moments when he truly seems to soar… when his daring escape convinces him that anything is possible."

Hollywood Blacklist review

"MoMo felt reminiscent of the critically acclaimed Whale Rider

City of God meets Amelie."

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