5 LIFE CHANGING BOOKS - reads that might just change your worldview.

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

These are 5 books that could just blow you away.

Each had a huge impact on me.


- The Magicians of the Gods

- The Chariots of the Gods

- SuperNature

- Catch 22

- The Science Delusion

Here is how they connect together

I wrote a film – a cheeky comedy around the idea that God was getting fed up with man’s deeds again. Faced with the likely hood that humans were close to destroying themselves along with his masterwork of planet earth, he decided it was time to flood the world again, enabling Project Planet Earth to start afresh.

The joke within my story was that God had sent Noah back again to rescue a pair of each species – but this time it was Noah in his space Ark.

I ended up making a short version of this story called ‘2 by 2.’

As we put the film together, I started to find pieces of evidence pointing the idea that my joke might be a bit closer to reality than I had thought.

Magicians of the Gods

It started to dawn on me that there was credible evidence to show that the catastrophic flood had happened, devastating a past civilisation that was most probably at a far higher level of advancement then we are today.

The Bible, Koran, Talmud, Vedas and just about every ancient book of religion, wisdom or knowledge backs the story.

This book Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock was a major source of information and explains this theory in full – as well as investigating many ancient sites and cultures worldwide


These discoveries lead me to Egypt with Nassim Harreimenin and the Resonance foundation.

After exploring Egypt and upon hearing my thoughts, I was given this book.

Chariots of the Gods

Erich Von Daniken is another fascinating man, a devout Christian who undertook translating the original scripts from the old testament discovering that scholars of long gone had not translated the stories correctly. He reasoned that this inaccuracy was caused by the translators of time long gone, being only able to imagine and translate the words and expressions through their own life experience. These translations were pre-modern technology – before flight, computers, nuclear energy – and of course years before man landed on the moon.

Daniken’s book is a stunning read as he translates the Old Testaments forgotten Book Of Enoch (Enoch is the great grandfather of Noah) describing what might be called the first Alien abduction.

Sound crazy?

Sound on the far edge of credibility?

Well, his work has hit an accord with people.

Chariots of the Gods has sold 11 million copies in the English language alone.

His other books on the subject have sold over 63 million copies worldwide.

Why haven’t we all heard of him before?

Because his theories change our perception of our world?

Ridley Scott apparently said his film Prometheus is partly due to Daniken’s theories.

I’ve researched his work, been to his talks and believe his work to be highly accurate.

Another undervalued genius. A truth sayer way ahead of his time.

The surprise is that this book was published in 1968.

Daniken is 82 now and it's great to see the new generation of scientists, archaeologists and space experts backing his work.

Yes, I’m recommending this book 50 years late.

I wish I’d read it when I was 15, or heard about it before – better late than never.

Catch 22

Catch 22 is an all-time favourite of mine.

An entertaining read about Yossarian an Armenian American pilot serving in Italy in WW2 and his hilarious attempts to avoid the war and stay alive.


A story of how we get locked in the circles of our society's rules.

The power of the story's theme is immense and so powerful that the title has become a phrase in itself to describe the irony Joseph Heller exposes in the story through comical storytelling.

Heller only named the book Catch 22 as there was another book out with his previous name Catch 19, the term Catch 22 has entered a lexicon of human vocabulary defining a precisely human-made trap we lace our existence with.

Without using any examples within the book, as I don’t want to ruin anything, a classic Catch 22 exists for actors in the UK.

An actor can’t get a good acting job without the union Equities membership, yet an actor can’t get Equity membership without having had a good acting job.

These illogical traps are not the rules of the world or nature but are caused by our human thinking.

These barriers exist to the point where truth-sayers (within religion, science, medicine or human history) can’t say the truth because they are not welcomed in the very system that filters anyone that does not agree with it.

So the progress of humanity is in my mind, held ransom by a catch-22 situation, where the walls of our institutions keep out anyone that might rebuild them, or redefine previous boundaries.

If you’ve ever said “this is Catch 22” but not read “Catch 22”, you must!

The key assets taught within sciences is an approach, where children are taught to think of theories, design experiments to test these theories, analyse the data and most of all to keep a questioning mind. Well, that is how I remember it.

However, it seems that many scientists, having spent a lifetime learning their craft and teaching it, resist any new data that disagrees with their previously learnt mantras.

When new statistics hint that new realities and understandings are emerging, many seem to simply shut down their enquiring mind.

Worse, data is often played with so that it reinforces previously held beliefs.

Once when travelling in West Africa, I sent a young British doctor into a state of perplexed rage when I referred to science a religion. I referred to it as just one way to understand the world.

I was 20 at the time and had no idea that this would remain a bedrock idea for me.

My experiences of life did not match with scientific thinking so I simply accepted that science was just great for what it was where it was.

For instance, science has zero explanations for telepathy which I believed in simply because I experienced it. Many times. We all have.

How many times has a phone rung and you’ve known who the caller would be and answered, “I was just thinking about you.”

In response to this, the scientific mainstream responds with excuses, to attempt to dismiss these phenomena which lie outside science’s rules and understanding.

As science was dismissing my personal experiences of the world when in my teens I found a 1973 book by Lyall Watson that matched my world experience.


The wonderful Supernature is a classic detailing thought inspiring stories such as animals not only finding their way home, but finding their owners over huge distances. Plants remembering people who have hurt them.

It also detailed what was then called the 100 monkey theory. An idea that has been heavily criticised but I believe to be true, whereby once a critical mass of beings know something, the rest of the species ‘pick up’ on this info. A common modern-day anecdotal sample of this –people's amazement when a young baby is handed a smartphone for the first time, often to see a photo of themselves - and the baby swipes right to see the next one.

This book is hard to find now but well worth a read with some great little stories.

If SuperNature was a 'step one' is this area Rupert Sheldrake's books were a clear 'step two' for me.

The Science Delusion

When a Ted Talk gets banned you know the man behind it has to be interesting

I’ve been following Sheldrake for years as he is the key player in this fringe field where biology meets what we might call ancient wisdom.

Rupert Sheldrake is a fascinating man, a true gentleman that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person, whose main work revolves around what he calls the morphogenic field. The basic idea is that learning, knowledge or experience of a species exists in the ether. That an individual's mind taps into the knowledge of the species in the same way a desktop computer might check into the computing might of the ‘cloud.’

There are many experiments that hint towards this.

Rupert has not convinced the wider field of scientists, which is not surprising as radical new data that shifts our scientific thinking tends to take many decades to break through — almost it seems we need enough of this data in the cloud, read by enough human minds, before we as a species can accept the facts presented to our brains trained to simpler reality.

This book explains the mechanical thinking of the world, that has been held with dogmatic aggressiveness and compares it to a more spiritual yet scientific way of seeing the world, that has previously existed many times through the ages.

Sheldrake is gathering a larger backing amongst the scientific community year by year, accepted by The Science Delusion and this other books. This increase in popularity has accelerated the fears of the mainstream scientists hence causing censorship most memorably for his banned Ted Talk. A ban which is the litmus test that proves he is onto something huge and ‘science-changing’ and worldview changing.

The Science Delusion is just one of the astounding books by a greatly undervalued genius who thinks outside of the box of mainstream scientific thinking.

If you want to check out any of the books, see the links below.

Happy reading!


- The Magicians of the Gods

- The Chariots of the Gods

- SuperNature

- Catch 22

- The Science Delusion

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