MOSQUITO REPELLANT - the best and safest?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

With every positive of working by the sea in warmer climates there is of course a negative - missing friends and family and of course the dreaded mosquitoes.

After years of trying different products, toxic and health based - I've found something that works and is safe. It's made by the North American Herb and Spice company and is called Oregaspray. It is made from food grade essential oils. This is in sharp contrast to products I used to use like DEET, which are toxic. Oregaspray is made from the essential oils of household herbs and is is so safe you can eat it....which I do... as it doubles up as an amazing mouth wash or toothpaste. I know this sounds incredible. It also kills germs on any surface. So it can be used to clean chopping boards, or even to spray inside air conditioners to stop bacteria from being spread into a hotel room. I use it as an anti-itch product if I do get bitten. Then for any abrasions, cuts or the classic scratched bite, the spray is also a perfect disinfectant. This product is so versatile it is amazing. Not cheap, but in my mind worth every penny and I won't leave home without it now. Click here for the link

The other product that accompanies this is pure Oregano Essential oil. I've personally used this to halt skin infections that were not responding to anti-biotics. More about this incredible oil in upcoming posts.

Mark's Digital Nomad rating: 12/10

Disclaimer. I'm not a medical professional and my post is anecdotal and is not to be seen as medical advice.

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