Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Friends always ask me how I manage to spend so much time working overseas in stunning locations. The first thing that is needed is good wifi, but there are several other secret tools. This is one. My second screen. I use an ASUS ZEN This allows me to edit films outdoors whilst enjoying sunset views.

The screen is HD, the same sizes as my laptop and about a third the width. I barely notice the addition to my camera bag. The definition is not as good as the mac retina screen which I prioritise for checking the colour balance and detail of the main film image, but the screen is perfect for the extra visual real estate needed for film editing.

The ASUS ZEN MB169B screen runs off a USB B to C cable. The screen does sap the main lap top battery, so it is best used when the lap top is plugged in at the mains.

However you will get about 2 hours of work with no mains power.

The screen can be tricky to sync sometimes but a good cable helps.

The screen changes my working environment and is for me now an essential tool.

Mark’s Digital Nomad rating 10/10.

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