3 Seconds in Bogotá - EBOOK

3 Seconds in Bogotá - EBOOK

A bumbling backpacker. An exotic South American street dancer. When their travels lead them into the hands of the Colombian underworld, he has one last chance to get something right – and save their lives.


Confronted with their imminent murder he delves into his deepest memories searching for any clue that might provide a means of survival. Should he follow his logical mind or go with his gut instinct? He has three seconds left to decide.


★★★★★  Travel & Razor's Edge Suspense - Don't Miss This!

Excellently written story mixing travel & suspense. A "don't miss" with a great twist. Highly recommend!


★★★★★ Gripping, a Must Have.

Once you pick this up you won't put it down. Both gripping enthralling this book has you captivated from the first line. A must-have for anyone travelling to South America as well as those who just simply enjoy a well-told story of life's less predictable events.


★★★★★  Charming. gripping and thoughtful.

This is very enjoyable writing. This true travel account has an interesting structure, humour, pathos and a thrilling tense conclusion.

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