MoMo - Book 1 - The Egg

MoMo - Book 1 - The Egg

Author Signed Paperback.


Some boys dream of flying.

Others save up to buy wings.


Caught in the endless cycle of poverty in rural Morocco, one families fight for survival seems to be over when their young son discovers the secrets of nature, money and magic.


But MoMo still has one burning question that no-one seems to be able to answer.

"Where do the Geese fly to?"


Will MoMo find his wings?

Find out in the 4 part mini-serial - MoMo


A survival story than spans continents.

A story for Adults, big kids and small kids.

A blend of The Curious Incident of a Dog at Night Time and The Kite Runner  with a hint of The Alchemist.

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